Why we are different

Our vision is to build a supreme meal delivery service that is completely environmentally friendly.

  • With our focus on sourcing the best quality ingredients, we aim to supply the best quality food to our customers without the giant footprint on the Earth. All our packaging,delivery bags and resources are environmentally friendly.
  • Our meals are completely customizable by you.choosing from animal and vegan proteins,then moving on to our carbohydrates of rice and grains to lastly our nutrient rich vegetables.We even give you the option to omit any foods you don`t like.
  • Our packaging is new and exciting.We have tried and tested the freshness and quality that vacuum sealed food produces and it is second to none. We use biodegradable vacuum sealed bags which is better for us and the environment. They are durable and can be frozen or heated if desired.
  • We have now added compostable eco friendly container trays with lids. They are tree free made from sugarcane bagasse.
  • You will now have the option to chose which packaging you want your food delivered in.
  • We recommend the sous-vide method of reheating our food,when having it vacuum sealed,it is the best way to heat the food without altering the flavours.
  • Sous-vide is simply submerging the sealed bag in a pot of hot water for 5-30 min,depending on required tempreture.
  • Our delivery bags are also 100% recycled, recyclable and eco friendly.