About our food

We serve only the freshest of ingredients sourced from farms on a daily basis. All our meats are from environmentally sustainable farms free of hormones and pesticides. Our fish are fresh wild caught from sustainable fisheries obtaining high environmental standards. All our rice, grains, vegetables and herbs are organic and freshly sourced daily.

More energy
Fresh quality food, free of all additives, preservatives, pesticides and all harming chemical agents is scientifically proven to give your body the energy and more of what it needs.
Weight control
Measuring your food in weight and in macros (protein, carbohydrates & fats) is a sure way to control your weight. By controlling each amount weight loss or gain will occur.
Brain health
Consuming foods rich in minerals and nutrients are essential for a healthy brain. Clean chemical free foods are the only foods that contain the highest levels of these.
Less bloating
All kinds of food gives us bloating, yes even the good ones and overeating is the main cause. Best way around this is to familiarize yourself with them and try eating different foods to see if they have this effect! By keeping foods that bloat you out of your diet your body can naturally function without interferences in the stomach.
Clear skin
Our skin is the biggest organ of the body and basically takes a beating from the inside and out. To combat this, eating clean chemical free foods rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients will ensure a healthy body and glowing skin.
Strong body
The benefits are clear, that eating clean organic, sustainable farmed whole foods are essential for a healthy, pain free, strong body. Our bodies respond better to good quality food, which gives us more energy to live our lives.







Our meals have a balanced macro ratio of:
40% protein
40% carbs
20% fats

Our food comes packaged in biodegradable, BPA free, vacuum sealed bags for longer freshness and quality of your food.

We recommend the sous-vide method of reheating,for our food…Simply submurge the sealed bag in a pot of hot water for at least 5-30  min or to your desired temprature.